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IDSK was established by the Government of the Central Bohemian Region in 2016 due to the legal reasons to ensure the organization of public bus and rail transport for citizens of towns and villages in the Central Bohemian Region. IDSK orders, manage and develops this transport, including stop and station infrastructure. IDSK connects regional transport with the same system operating in the capital city of Prague. Together, this system is referred to as PID.

The main activities of IDSK include the representation of the Central Bohemian Region in ordering rail and bus transport in the region, comprehensive transport management of part of the PID bus lines, the economic administration of railways and PID buses in the region order - including contractual arrangements, cooperation on carrier control, quality standards and marketing.

About IDSK

In 2022 we will connect 1144 municipalities. We order transport from 29 bus and 3 railway carriers, on 700 lines. There are 1400 buses and 120 trains running in the system. The amount that the government of the Central Bohemian Region spends on public transport is more than 3.6 billion crowns (ie about 148 million euros). Due to the need to connect border municipalities in the region, we order cross-border public transport to 7 neighboring regions and the number of these connections is growing significantly.

PID vehicle movement map





Main contacts


IDSK Head Office
Tel.: 420 720 025 631


Infoline PID
Tel.: +420 234 704 560


Suggestions and complaints


IDSK spokesman
Mgr. et Mgr. Oldřich Buchetka
Tel.: +420 725 940 097

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